Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Update of the Week

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I just dont understand why...why all of us have to re-learn all those stuffs in our degree !? From our secondary school's History subject till Foundation last semester's English for Communication, all of us have to re-learn it.

Pengajian Malaysia, also known as "History" for me, probably would be the subject that I hate the most after entering degree omitting Chemistry-related subjects. This makes me wanna sleep and one thing I wanna say is...I dont care about history, though it is the PAST that changes the PRESENT and the FUTURE...

Although we supposed to be happy since we're learning back those stuffs that we've known, I'd be happy to learn English again, but not History, coz I sucks on it !!! Cell biology seems to be OK since we'll be learning more than organelles and its function, and I'm hoping for the Laboratory 1A too, coz we're gonna extract DNA from what I saw from the schedule.

By the way, I really dont understand why is our subject named "Atomic Structure, Bonding and Periodicity" have a topic about something very "Physics" ... seeing all those equations makes me headache, even Sensei was laughing whenever there's a slide full of equations with "devil's fork" symbol. Just hope that for the coming topic it will be focused more on Chemistry than "Physics" ...

After that "Atomic blah blah" lecture, me and Sensei was thinking of going back already. While thinking what to do since the bus already gone...

"Ah, where's my MP4 ? Did I bring my umbrella ?" (Start searching the bag)

(Listening to my MP3) "I got my umbrella, you can have it." (Handling over the umbrella)

"Oh, here it is." (Took out the MP4 and started to play it)

"Oh ya Sensei, I'm listening to 'Hitohira no Hanabira' now..."

(Showing me the MP4) "See ? Haha~~" (The MP4 reads "Hitohira no Hanabira")


What a coincidence ! There's a reason I'm telling Sensei about the song...which I need to flashback to a few hours ago in our "professional writing" lecture class...

The lecturer was teaching us about "stereotyping" and then Sensei said "Stereo Pony" to me...of course, I know what she meant...its the singer for the ending song of Bleach.

Anyway, tomorrow class starts at 8am...too early, but I hope I can make it and Sensei, dont miss the bus again ! Haha~~

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