Saturday, June 20, 2009

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1. Do you have any secrets?
=>Everybody they ?

2. Have you try not eating anything for few days.?
=>Maybe one day...but not a few days !

3. Do you enjoy going school.?

4. Coffee or more coffee.?
=>I prefer Milo to coffee...

5. Laughter or forever smile.?
=>Laughter XD

6. Who is more important.?Lover or Best friends.?
=>Best friends

7. The person you like is already attached, what will you do.?
=>Since a choice already been made, I respect it.

8. What made you smile today.?
=>Someone in Maple actually changed my appearance into a Straw Doll !

9. Angelic or devilish.?
=>Any one suits me...

10. How would you see yourself in 10 years time.?
=>Just hope that I'm not developing a T-virus that swipe out the entire human race into zombies...

11. Who are currently most important people to you.?

12. what is the most important thing in life.?
=>Family, friends and love...

13. Are you single or attached.?

14. What is your favourite colour.?

15. What is your wish?
=>A nice birthday party ? =X

16. Have you ever wondered what would happen after life.?
=>I'll reborn as another person having no memories of my past ... something like that ?

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done.?
=> time goes by, everything will be fine.

18. Which do you prefer.? Spending time with family or being close with people who understand you?
=>Being close with people who understands me...

19. What is your biggest regret in your life.?
=>Izzit necessary to list out !? =_=

20. 5 people you're tagging.?
=>Pei Zi
=>Yen Yee

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