Sunday, August 29, 2010

200th Post !!!

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When flipping back to my first post for the blog, I found out that my blog is now officially 2 years old on 23rd August !!! *Happy Birthday bloggie~~~*

And somehow coincidence or faith, this is the 200th post for my bloggie too ! *Congratulations !!!*

Time do passes by pretty fast huh ? Haha~

Mmmm... let me update about my trip back to my hometown for the industrial training interview for those who're curious today.

Its a Monday morning, me and my temporary roommate get ourself packed, called a cab and went to Old Town for breakfast. We bought the 10.30am bus ticket and reached Bukit Jalil around 1pm+.

While I was still thinking that its-been-a-while-since-I'm-back-to-my-hometown, crazy taxi drivers and promoters started to approach both of us.

"Where you wanna go lengzai ?"

"Come and take one of this..."

I was shocked and my temporary roommate quickly lead me towards the ticketing booth to buy a return ticket back to Kampar. A more worse situation is here, almost everyone inside the ticketing booth are asking you "where you wanna go lengzai ?".

With some effort of ignoring them and a nimble feet, I bought a ticket and get ourselves out of that place. Now that we need to go to somewhere else, hence we asked for some taxi drivers...

"RM 45 lor... why you dont want ? Its standard price already, you go ask all the taxis also the same price wan lar..."

"We're students lar..." said my temporary roommate while we're leaving the taxi drivers. "We walk further a bit and find another taxi."

We did found another taxi which is much cheaper compared to RM 45. We hopped on and reached our destination. Found a photostat shop and had some of my documents photocopied, and I went for the interview alone.

After filling in a job application form, I waited to be call into the room for interview. "There it goes my first job interview," I said to myself.

The receptionist leads me towards a room which looks like a meeting room for the office with a lady inside, on the table was my particulars, resume and documents.

"Do not sit until I was told so," I told myself. "Smile !"

"Sit please."

After thanked the interviewer, I sat down on the chair she pointed and the interview starts.

She asked some questions which I'm not very sure how to answer, but everytime I answered them, she'll smile and said "OK, OK...", which reminds me of our Genetic Master that lectures us this semester. I tried to be professional as much as I could and not showing any nervousness on my face during the whole interview session. "Take it as having some chat with a friend..." I said to myself.

Finally the interviewer said, "is there any questions you want to ask ?".

"May I know what's your name please miss ?"

She laughed, and she introduced herself.

After asking some questions, she then told me about the task that I'll need to complete for becoming part of the organization as a trainee and some cooperate culture in the company.

"You'll be notified in a week or two for the results."

"OK, thank you. Hope to see you again."

I pushed back the chair and get myself out of the office with a thanks to the receptionist. Called my temporary roommate and we meet up in a shop selling Chinese Orchestra instruments.

OMEG !!! All the instruments were so beautifully crafted, the music that they make were so nice !!! I picked up a DiZi and simply played a few notes as the shop owner said I can play it... the music produced was so smooth, so pretty.

The owner said I could have some discount since my temporary roommate worked there before. We waved goodbye and I went to my temporary roommate's house for a night stay. The first thing I noticed in his house was... PS3 !!! Never in my life that I touched one, the thing that excites me is that, there's a Biohazzard 5: Alternative Edition (Resident Evil 5 extended version).

"I know you wanna play, but let me figure out how to switch it on first."

After some trial and testing on the high-tech gadget, the game is on and I selected a chapter to continue on exploring the story of Resident Evil 5. Considered lucky to finished off quite a lot of sub chapters in a few hours time, gotta come back to finish up the last chapter next time.

The next day morning, my temporary roommate brought me to the restaurant that sells the proclaimed "very delicious chicken rice". We ordered it and there it comes.

#Roasted chicken rice with tauge: RM 5+.#

#Close up on the chicken and tauge. Please ignore the chicken bone that you found.#

#There it goes my temporary roommate.#

#The secret weapon: chili and minced ginger sauce !!! The ginger sauce was awesomely delicious !#

After finished our lunch, we waved good bye and I got myself back Kampar alone while he went back to PJ.

I skipped class for 2 days just for the interview. I hope that its giving me something good in return so that it is worth for me to skip those classes, especially Enzymology (though I'm not really like the class) and Molecular Biology (shitto, I missed LOTS of hand-written notes !).

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