Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hectic Days: Start !

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Everyone in BT is going to have a hard time in the coming few weeks. Tons of reports, mid terms, lab tests and not forgetting assignment too. Its gotta be tough and sleepless nights are coming after us if we didnt plant the time well.

Oh yea, did I forgot to mention we're having extra replacement classes too ? Though I liked the way she teach the subject coz she's giving a lot of information about the subject and seems like this is the only subject that I can pay attention in the class... but her teaching was slow, so we're having replacement classes. *Sigh*

Genetics test 2 this Saturday again, gotta read some notes before going for practice.


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ミ . シャール said...

Also dont know how u concentrate in her class.... Hate it totally... =.=

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