Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

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#Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D promotional poster.#

Umbrella Corporation is a mega corporation that deals with the marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defence and computer. Their more public face products will be cosmetics, consumer products and food. With the resources they gain from each marketing field, Umbrella used it on the genetic engineering and biological weapon research undercovered.

#Umbrella Corporation's logo as it appears in the game and the movie.#

The greedy Umbrella Corporation will do everything evil to get money and control, even if they need to wipe out the world's population for their own gain. In order to restore the peace, Alice fights along with her friends after being infected by the T-virus and gifted with superhuman abilities.

#Claire Redfield and Alice.#

If I were to choose between Claire and Alice to fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation, I'll choose Alice.

#My name is Alice.#

Alice is gifted with good combat and weponary skills. With these skills, I can use almost every item I found nearby me to kill the zombies. But in order to stop the chaos, killing all the zombies isnt the most effective way. Hence I'll meet the founder of Umbrella - Albert Wesker myself with my partners, and defeat him !

#My partners: Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield, holding guns against the evil Albert Wesker.#

But the headquater where Albert Wesker stays is fully secured by the security guards and superzombies like the Executioner. So by using a gun, probably a grenade launcher ro shotgun, to kill them all would be the most effective way to enter the building.

#Surrender or die !#

When I went out of bullets, it leaves me no choice but to kill the zombies with a knife/sword.

#Do you mind borrowing me your axe to kill some zombies Mr. Executioner ?#

#Well if you do mind about it, I can always find a smaller knife to kill the zombies.#

When I finally got the chance to meet Albert Wesker alone, I'll cut the small talk and shoot him with my double gun without giving him any opportunity to fight back. If this doesnt work, I'll seduce him first and stab him with a small knife when he's not aware.

#Die Wesker, die Umbrella Corporation !!!#

Then quickly, I accessed to the Umbrella's mainframe and delete all the research data about the viruses and Bio-Organic Weapons. With these steps, the evil Umbrella Corporation will not be able to survive for another second without a leader and eventually, collapse !!! Bye bye evil Umbrella, the world is now restored to a more peaceful state. =D

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