Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthdays and Presents !!!

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To all the Leos that I known who're having their birthdays in these few days, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I know its been late for me to update my blog about MY OWN birthday since we're having damned mid term test for CTC the next day of my birthday.

Very well, it all starts at the time we're having the normal chinese flute practice. Its been 10pm and we're still not leaving as expected, since when we're leaving earlier than 10pm !? And then when we're having a small chat break time, Sensei, "My" Chelle, Ali and Jarod stare at a piece of written score and played the song written there.

When I was wondering what-the-heck-is-that-song-for and I-wanna-play-it-too, i recognized it and was laughing: its the birthday song, and they played it on the flute ! Love it to the max !!!

#Sensei bought this from Taiwan. Its a bird's egg snack.#

The next thing I know is I'm rushing back home to bring the present that I bought for Freezie-chan. And I arrived at Sensei house 12am sharp. Just before that set the cake on fire, I managed to took these:

#My cake. Freezie said I always got the cute cake and wanted to change with me. Lol~#

#Freezie's cake. Its sweet and sour ! Love it.#

#The cakes are on fire !!!#

After blowing the candles, me and Freezie are now officially 1 years older. For your information: both of us share the same birthday, so when it comes to cake and celebration, we'll be celebrating it together. Sometimes having a friend like this would be fun eh ?

And so... its picture time ! Without picture it'll not be remembered !!! The picture we took is actually more than these, but since not all of them are with me, I'll just post some of it.

#Weird pose 1.#

#Weird pose 2.#

Getting bored with the normal picture taking, we tried something different: taking pictures at the stairs. And here it goes the picture:

#Quite a pretty picture we got here !#

#Sensei-sama made a cute face there !#

#This pose of Sensei was epic. She recalled of having a same pose during our Batu Berangkai waterfall trip last year.#

And lastly, what's left after the very simple celebration was:

#...2 pieces of cake; one from my cake, another from Freezie's.#

And for my birthday present of the year, I got a new specs ! The timing was just right since its time for me to change one as I cant really see well of the words written on the board nowadays.

#Me with my new specs bought together by ex-TE 4rians !!! Thank you guys !!! ^^#

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