Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alone Again...

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"I love this place, but its haunted, without you ..." - Little House, Amanda Seyfried

Yeah, I miss my temporary roommate that came from my hometown. Eventhough he stayed over just for a few days, but we had a lot to chat of, and he even make good friends with my CO housemate Hui Ling. 3 of us had lots of chatting and joking in my room.

Now that he's back to PJ to prepare for his final exam just as I am, I felt that my single room suddenly became so huge, so empty...

So, this is the feeling of having a person sharring a room with you huh ? You'll miss the feeling of having another person besides you, chatting, playing, sharing and doing stuffs together...

I'm now alone again, in my own room that seems rather empty.

Please do study hard in your final exam, do not repeat any subjects already and go to Degree with flying colours, my temporary roommate.

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