Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 12 !!!

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#Tons fo stuff to be done in week 12 ! (Opps, I havent pay my tution fee for my DiZi practice oh !)#

Welcome to Week 12 of your Year 2 Trimester 1. This week is going to be a hectic ride, so please bunkle up your seat belt, read the Safety Instruction Mannual and Survival Guide to Hectic Weeks before the departure and... enjoy your trip to Hell.

3 reports, 2 lab tests and 1 presentation for the whole week starting from tomorrow. Its not gonna be a week to procrastinating around since there's 2 more reports to be handle up on Tuesday and 1 lab test on Thursday morning.

Sien ark... Everything seems to be rushing towards we BT students. I'm not sure whether is our own fault of not finishing up the reports the day we got it, or we really dont have enough time to complete them all...

Anyhow, I found someone to talk to through Facebook. I'm always amazed by how can 2 person that doesnt know each other can have something to chat with after a few rounds of saying "hi".

Its nice to know someone like this, it just makes you feel like you just found back a long lost childhood friend that knows you so well.

Oh by the way, didnt I just skipped a class with the reason of "wannna finish up my reports" ? *Opps* Better get it started now.


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