Friday, August 20, 2010


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Seems like we're now halfway out of Hell from the hectic ride. Most of the reports are done, just there's 2 more lab test, 2 more reports and 1 quiz ! I almost forgot about the quiz next week. Zzzz

And tell you what, we also just finished our poster exibition which actually is just a simple exibition to show off our assignment for the Cell and Tissue Culture. Overall was OK, and I liked the way our poster designed, it looks so suitable for our topic.

One of my friend that I knew from Facebook will be reaching Kampar in just a few more hours time, and he's going to stay over at my place for the weekend to celebrate his friend's birthday. I think its cool to meet someone real other than just looking at their profile pictures in Facebook. We'll got a lot to chat of since he's also a UTARian, Chinese Orchestra member and ... from Puchong too !

Before publishing, one more thing to update: my Internship finally has a hope. The Company called me yesterday and asked me to go for the interview. When they called me to interview, which means my chance of success will be higher already. Gotta grip this chance tightly and never loose it !!!

"You cannot come for the interview in this Friday ? There's a student coming for the interview from Kampar tomorrow..." said the receptionist/Company officer on the phone.

RIVALS !!! Do not let me know who you are, if you're my friend then it'll be alright; but if its not, you better move your butt out of my way !!! Gotta bomb the whole Westlake and Eastlake just for a chance to eliminate this RIVAL !!!

Finished crapping, should I get back to sleep in the early morning right now ? Mmmm...

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