Friday, December 17, 2010

I ... [Offline Blog for 15-12]

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... cant wait for it to end right now. Its making me sick. ... cant have a good night's sleep since last week.
... cant help falling.

... do not get people, never have, never will.
... do still blogging, but not much lately.
... do still Facebook-ing too, just lesser.

... dont think I'm into it, but thinking of it makes me itch.
... dont think I'm at my best.
... dont think to be back here again.

... wish that I could be there now.
... wish that you're here.
... wish that it never happens.

... wanted to be with you.
... wanted to have practices with them every week.
... wanted to go L4D2-ing till middle of the night once every few weeks.

... 'm thinking of my bed now.
... 'm having lesser sleeps.
... 'm having urge to do something everytime I saw you.

... think that I'm having fobia.
... think that I'm gonna be insane.
... think that Mendel actually published a book titled "101 Recepies of Pea".

Lastly... after re-reading the words that I wrote, I think that they're soooo random !

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