Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Super Herbs Treasure, Go Go Go ! [Offline Blog for 19/12]

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This is a small company event organized by 10 of the interns in the company that I'm having my internship. We're only given less than a month's time to prepare the proposal and carry out the whole event OURSELVES. Yeah, whatever that we're doing it must be authorized by the upper level management first before we can continue on the project. This is a must as they will guide us towards the correct path that will make the event a success...

... and because of them, I'm now at the venue where I'm having the event.

Not much details of the event will be said here since the event is still going on, but one thing to say: its happening and its a success, even though the whole thing seems to be rather messy and clumsy before today.

As the Chairman, Publicity Manager and Program Manager of this event, I appreciate everyone's contribution for this camp from the bottom of my heart. Though I might not be leading the team well, but I'm glad that they know what they should do to make the event success.

I remember the joyful faces of the Sponsorship Managers after they collected the sample products and vouchers. They might look tired, sweaty and out of breath, but they're excited to be able to get sponsors.

I also remember the excited face of the Publicity Manager when she printed out her design of posters and logos for the event. The design might be simple, but when it was printed out or sent to the public, it means a lot to her.

Lastly, I remember the faces of the playful Game Masters whenever they called us to try out the games they designed. They bring joy to us in the office while everyone was stressed by their own task.

I wonder whats happening at the treasure hunt game stations and the public booth... but I feels that everything is going smoothly. Thank goodness, my Sunday today is not a rainy day... at least for now.

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