Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Proposal [Offline Blog for 4/12]

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Welcome December ! Its been tough for the past 9 weeks and with just 3 more weeks my internship period will be over.
With joy and tears, sweat and angers, excitement and dissapointment, the past 9 weeks had taught me to be a man that I wasnt before: to learn, to lead, to hold, to puncture, to search, to care, to rush, to sneak, to think, to love, to talk, to speak, to present and many more that I couldnt think of right now.

This week seems to be the turning point of the whole internship. We had Internet breakdown on Monday, then presentations and pizzas on Tuesday and after few weeks of having lunch separately, we 8 interns can finally had lunch together again on Wednesday. Made another presentation on Thursday and been adding more informations on the proposal until Friday.

I really hope that all the sweat we're putting on the project will be a success, doesnt matter mine or other people's as we all will learn something that we will never be able to get from our university.

Gotta sleep early and prepare for a better tomorrow. Ciao~

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