Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walking in the Rain [Offline Blog for 17/12]

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Its raining when I was thinking to go back on time today, even though I know that I'm the most important person and cannot go back until they had settled their own task and at least informed me about it.

I'm hungry, I'm blank, I'm sleepy, I'm tired... and I'm still the most important person with tons of stuffs which I dont even know I should distribute it to the team members or just carry them on my shoulder...

9.12pm: Finally being able to go back after having some small meal even though its still raining. Thank you Yen Yee for fetching me back to the bus station, without her, I might need to wait for the bus until middle of the night before I could reach home.

While crossing the roads and walked along the small streets, the tiny rain poured on me. I felt wet, and I felt cold. I hugged my bag tight with both of my arms and hide under the small umbrella... hoping that the rain will not wet myself and my bag. At that moment, quite a number of people's face emerge from my memory and all of a sudden, I felt warm.


Fish Leong's version of the song titled 诱惑的街 (direct translate: seducive street ?) was so powerful. Everytime I listened to it, I could imagine out a raining night, an empty street with orange-lit street lamps. So whenever there's rain in the night, I'll turn on this song and get myself into the song's mood.

Walking alone in the rain always make me sad, but it also teaches me to be strong and face them with open hands. At the end of the post...


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