Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Presentation + Pizza Day ! [Offline Blog for 30/11]

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Today is the end of the month, and also the day for our presentation.
Presentation ? Yeah, we're having presentations in the office's conference room. And the topic ? The CEO just gave us yesterday during meeting, and we have less than 24 hours to prepare the presentation.

I would not like to touch much on the content of the presentation, but the thing is: awesome ! This is one of the hell presentations that you'll never have in your university life, and our presentations are given marks to be evaluated of course. There might be a second presentation by the mid/end of December, soooo damn excited and nervous about this.

But the fun thing is, we're having pizzas for lunch after the presentation ! We once had Kenny Roger's inside the office and I missed the opportunity to take pictures of it, but today I managed to take pictures before we finished them all !

#All the interns in the office, total of 11 of us.#

#Me posing with pizza.#

#The girls and the pizzas. Pizzas at top left to right: Hawaiian Chicken (?), Seafood Delight (?) and Tandori Chicken.#

#Tandori Chicken close up... looks like char siew if you asked what is it, but the truth is: chicken cubes.#

#The most delicious pizza among the 3 flavors: Chessy Musroom ? Hawaiian Chicken ? Doesnt matter about the name, just love the pineapples and mushrooms !!!#

3 more weeks to go, till then and I'll ...

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