Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TPM Day Trip [Offline Blog for 5/12]

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Supposed to be a good night sleep till afternoon, but I woke up early and meet up with my intern friend and go to Taman Pertanian Malaysia for a relaxing field trip. TPM is located at Shah Alam and it took around half an hour to reach there from Mid Valley.

After reaching TPM and found ourselves a nice parking place, Ally and her BF and I went to the ticketing booth and were shocked that the place was filled with tons of people. "People mountain people sea !" I said. After some time of lining up, we finally got our tickets and the first thing we did was to rent a bicycle. And of course, the place was filled with people too. Disappointed for being on the waiting list, we decided to have a walk instead after Charles, ZiQi and Cammie joined us.

Well, we came here not for relaxing but for some business. The business that we had will be P&C, but I dont thinks that showing the pictures that we took will make anything worse...

#Taking picture with the map of TPM.#

#The ladies taking picture with the fish statue dustbin.#

#We reached the Animal Garden...#

#... and we saw hedgehog !#

# And peacock too !#

#A view on the lake and the clear blue sky.#

#Helianthus !!!#

#Just before we enter the Four Season House, we're acting cold under the hot sun.#

#And of course, its winter and ... ITS COLD !#

#They decorated the house with trees covered with ice.#

#There's a mercury alcohol thermometer sticked on the wall. You can see that it is now -2 degree Celsius !#

#Under the hot sun again...#

#I'm not even sure if this is real, but I'm very sure that the fruits that grow on top of this tree are fake.#

Then we decided to have Bah Kut Teh at Klang, and after hours of circling we finally reached the place, which was closed in the afternoon.

#Sorry, the restaurant is closed in the afternoon.# 

Disappointed again, we tried a second place for lunch, and it was closed too. The same thing happens for the third time and then ZiQi suggested having lunch dinner at a restaurant near Leisure Mall that steams all the dishes.

The restaurant DO steams every dish, from fish and chicken till egg and even vegetable. Though all of the dishes were steamed, but they all tasted great. Didnt took pictures coz we're all hungry as we've been searching for lunch since 2-3pm until 5.30pm. After dinner, ZiQi sent me to the KTM station and I went back home myself.

It will be a wonderful day, if we had the chance to ride the bike and have Bah Kut Teh for lunch of course !

Deleted Scene

The night before our trip, Cammie suggested that we’re wearing rainbow-coloured shirts and asked me whether I have blue shirts. Of course I have none and I decided to wear white instead.

While taking pictures during the trip, Cammie said it would be nice if we arrange ourselves according the colour of the rainbow and complained on me that:


Then something happens...

Suddenly Charles laughed out loud, we all stunned for a while and realized what was he laughing about... we all laughed too, but I sweated. =_=

Why we laughed ? Re-read the sentence and you may find out… or not.

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