Thursday, October 2, 2008


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One of the Japanese that I can understand is the word above. Know the meaning of that from my favorite anime ツバサ・クロニクル aka Tsubasa Chronicle's sub-theme song ユメノツバサ aka Yume no Tsubasa. I dont care what you think about the title, you can figure the meaning yourself quite easily since there's been translator everywhere on the net.

So, it was yesterday's dream after coming back from the birthday party. I dream of my aunt taking me back to Section 17 one week early. She didnt give me any pocket money and I'm terrified of that action. How cruel is she, leaving me behind. And the whole house are empty, Ang and Joe will not be back till the begining of the semester for sure, and YCW shifted to another house. I cant search for my fellow TE 4s since they all back to their hometown already. I'm so alone in that house and I remember that I cried in the bed for the loneliness and not able to search for help (coz in real life my handphone expired, cant SMS and call, perhaps its the same situation in my dream).

The dream shocked me from my sleep and I found that I'm at my own house, still in the comfortable bed that I loved the most, with the chilling air conditioner that probably switched off few hours ago. Its just a DREAM, I told myself. But, it seems so real till I cant stop thinking of it. Since I remembers it so well, so I guess it'll not be one of my "precognitive dream," coz I'll not be able to remember those precognitive dreams well in my experience. I'll only remember that I saw it in my dreams once the event happens. Anyone can have these precognitive dreams, the matter is, you noticed it, or not.

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