Friday, October 17, 2008

Opening A New Door [Offline Blog for 16/10]

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Waking up early in the morning to wait for Freezie-chan's miss call. Thought of she might still be sleeping, sms-ed her and she said she's waiting for her turn for using the toilet. Well...its OK, since its still early. Half hour later I found myself walking to school together with her.

When we're chatting, she doesnt notice there's a car coming and she's going to cross the road. I pull her bag (same thing I did to many others when I saw they're crossing the road when there's a car in full speed) and she had a small shock. And later on when we're walking down the road near Jaya One, she wanted to cross the road without looking her back for coming cars. She walked a bit fast and I missed her bag but lucky that car slowed down the speed and she noticed it after a second, and stopped walking forward.

"Miracle wouldnt happen for three times..." I told her.

And for the coming road that we need to cross, she did pay attention to the cars already. Thank goodness she's safe. Then we're off to our classroom and wait for the lecture to start.

Biology II practical...the last subject we're having for the day. Mr. P said he'll give us some personality test at the end of the lesson, and he did it after we're cleaned everything up. For that test, he said "Oh ! This one is a Perfectionist !" to me. Sensei overheard it and when I got back to my seat, Sensei told the others "Spiky is a Perfectionist ! Stay away form him !" and end with her usual "hohoho" laugh.

And I really that guy that Mr. P told me ?

When thinking back...kinda like true.

I always likes to try these personality test thingy stuffs, coz I didnt know myself much, or perhaps I didnt know what's my exact personality. Thats why I wrote in my Friendster : Didnt know myself much, maybe should go for a self discovery journey. Well, got that idea from anime Honey and Clover, which was a funny and dramatic comedy about life of a group of college friends.

I like the way the anime goes. Everytime watching that anime, there'll be some funny part between those friends. Besides that, there's also a small story that told by the characters about their past or what they thought about something. The way they express their stories was fantastic and I wish I could do it that way too for my blog. And I think I did DID some for my first blog, with name "Destiny" something...

A new door about myself has opened...and when recalling back about what I've been always doing all these times, I admit that I'm a part of it, not a true bred or what sort, though maybe I inherited that from my grandma. What awaits me are rows and rows of doors which are shut tight. Will I be another person once I opened another door ?

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