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Fast and Furious [Offline Blog for 19/10]

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#Continuation of post "Slow and Steady".#

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO~"

After hearing Pikachu shouted that, we head into the PB block, looking for the stations inside and all of them were fully packed. And when we're rushing somewhere, we saw YCW in a corner and we know where we should be going already. First station for us, guess the song !

Thinking of English songs would be a better choice and we chosen English songs to guess. Unfortunately, we're not that good in guessing English songs and we changed to Chinese songs. The few seconds after that song been played, I shouted out loud "会呼吸的痛,梁靜茹" (the first part is the song name while the second part is the artist) and I got it right. For the next few songs, SHE's were easy, and they play 2 of their songs. How nice, it’s an easy station for our team.

When we walking outside the PB block, found a station without people, looks like we're the second team, or the first team to arrive. Use the sponge to squise the water into a 1.5 liter bottle, and the bottle is missing and need to be find. No water supply, what to do is we rush to the toilet and filled the water bucket, bring back to the station and started to fill it up.

Nearer that place, there's a station, paint the picture...using your face ! Sacrificed myself and Freezie put lots of water colour on my nose and I started to paint the chicken. Its a blue chicken, coz for the 3 samples I saw, they used yellow.

Later on we're on the cheerleading station, do a cheerleading with theme UTAR. And so we used Freezie's idea that we discussed earlier when we got the station's name before the event started. Though its not very nice, but overall we managed to finish that station and rushed for other station.

Its a strange station, we need to find 15 things without time limit and the stuffs included were a leaf, a pink coloured thing (lucky Scott wearing a pink shirt !), a bug (ant is counted !), a foot print, hand print, empty bottle, a white hair...most strangely of them all...record 30 seconds of one of the team mate singing in front of the security guard. I'm the victim and we made it through when me and Scott went back together with the recording.

Then, the whispering ! The lecturer whispered a sentence to one of us, and he needs to pass it around to the rest of the team mates and the final one need to said it out loud to the lecturer. I didnt manage to get the point at here and we need to come back again after we did other station's task. And so we rushed to the wheel barrel. And we finished the task with painful hands and legs. For the second attempt of whispering, Sensei managed to get back the same sentence although the numbering of the papers was changed, and this time I got it correct !

Going back in the block and did that "guess the word" thingy station. Couldnt guess it correctly for all the words and we need to wait for our turn. Freezie-chan informs us lots of symbols and signals to us so that next round we can guess whats she wanna tell us.

While waiting for the turn, found Mel Li's group got no people, and so we arrived there. Freezie volunteered to be the people that we need to find and the rest of us were blindfolded. I knew it was Shi Hooi that brought me to some place and I'm a bit lost of track where I am. She told me be careful of cars before she goes, and soon after that, I heard lots of "meow" coz Freezie chosen to shout "meow" to locate herself. I'm the last to found her coz of the cars blocked me and I dont dare to run. Anyway, back to the "guess the word" station.

Still, we cant guess the words correctly and YCW was there counting down the time left for us. "We'll be back," said SL. We went to the drama queen station and picked 3 papers with "Paris Hilton", "grave yard" and "action/adventure" on it. And we thought of a story, and acted it. Its rejected and we cant do anything to it, so going to count for the "circles" drawn on paper with chairs making a barrier to it. Couldnt get it right, and we're forced to complete other task before we can come back again.

The task looks pretty hard to us, 5 people stepping on the piece of newspaper, which was getting smaller and smaller ! For the smallest piece, SL lifted me up on his shoulder and I'm terrified like heck ! And we did it perfectly and probably, the fastest group of them all. Chun Chun's group was back for their second attempt and they got it. That "circle counting" station...we did it by doing probability when that Course Rep told Sensei "almost" for her answer when we first at there.

Drama queen second attempt and failed coz of no "comedy" feeling in our acting. "Guess the word" again and we did it nicely with Freezie's acting and symbols. Finally...the drama queen ! Seems like that fella fade up on failing us already since he knew that its the final station for us, and passed us. Found the Organizer and we're team 11 out of 13 or 14.

"At least we finished all stations and we're not the last one," said Freezie. Well...agree !

Lunch time ! Its pizza with KFC and curry puff !!! No mood to eat and some of us "ta pao" the food back home as dinner. Thought of curry puff at first but then picked pizza, oh well, anything will be acceptable.

The fastest 8 team got the price and the closing ceremony ends, all of us went back home. And so the "rush with time" event ends.

"I would like to be the organizer for next sem," said SL.

"I'll be joining my Chong Hua friends as a team next time !" said Freezie happily.

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