Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slow and Steady [Offline Blog for 18/10]

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Waiting for Freezie's miss call again today, wearing UTAR T-shirt, and ready to get crazy for the coming event...the Double B !

Reached PE Block (which was the furtherest block of all the UTAR blocks in PJ campus together with PD FROM PA) with Sensei and Freezie, later on saw SL and Scott (izzit the first time Scott appear in the blog ? Gratz !) coming by motorcycle. Registered our self after meeting YCW, he's the secretary for the event anyway...

"Look at all of them...they're your enemies...KILL THEM~~~" he whispered to me. Playing too much DoTA ... I guess.

There's 3 tasks that we need to complete for today and if we're the top 15 out of 30+- teams, we're into tomorrow's grand final event, UTAR New Gen Race or whatever it called, the concept is just the same as Amazing Race.

And after Pikachu (our Public speaking lecturer, who dislikes his student calling him Mr Chan) shouted start, we rushed to the room where Sensei saw moments ago, the origami task room. When we reached there, it’s been full of people, and we're forced to leave the room and look for other tasks to complete. And here's the sequence for we TE 4 team in completing the tasks and whats happening there :

1. Fear Factor, they called it Got the Guts !
Basically, I already know whats the ingredient for the 5 cups of drinks that they will be giving us, coz YCW showed me before our finals (OPPS ! Did I just said it out ? Doesnt matter now ... right ?) and its made up of spicy, vegetables and fruits...but what shocks me when I saw the cups that they gave us was...a cup with an raw egg on it !!! There's an ingredient list on the table : egg, milk, noodles(?), tofu and cheese ? I exchanged it with the spicy drink from Scott, which makes me drinking the spicy, Scott got the raw egg thingy, SL got vegetable juice, Sensei fruit juice with garlic and bitter gourd, lastly Freezie vegetable juice with pepper and wasabi !

Less than 30 seconds we finished our drink, but when Scott's turn he spited out the strange combination juice on Pikachu after a few moment he drinks it.

"Oh shit oh shit !" shouted Pikachu, which his hand and shirt got some of the juice on it.

Though Scott's point was disqualified, but overall our performance was good, and we proceed to the next task.

2. Origami ?
We're still thinking of origami...but we still need to wait for the rest to come out of the room. I rushed to find the other room and found that brain teaser's task was nobody waiting outside the room for their turn, and we changed our destination to brain teaser.

Nothing much to said here, since its some lousy question like INPLATNUM with choices

#Some sorta answers like that, cant remember it...#

Or asking you to arrange the sequence of the Star Wars movie series, with our knowledge, we beat it after a few minutes of thinking and discussing. Dunno how many minutes ticked, we passed up the answer sheet to the facilitators and we're off to the final task.

3. Not Brain Teaser, its ORIGAMI !...finally~
When we're near that origami room, we found out that there're 7 teams waiting outside including us, and we're the last group ! YCW came and he told us this is not about how fast you accomplish the task, its about how well you complete each of the tasks. So we waited patiently outside and seeing each team going in...but no team going out of the room. Started to wonder what happens inside it...izzit too hard till they all cant finish the task ?

After drinking some chocolate milk and some sweets from YCW, we're in the room, and the whole 30+- teams were in the origami room !!! Its packed with people, there's no air inside it ! We went inside it and we start with level 1 task. Since SL claimed himself was never good in folding paper, so we decided to let him fold the easiest one. Overall performance of our team in level 1 was awesome. When we proceed to level 2, there's a heart-shaped bookmark, which was the hardest among the level 2. I folded till a step and stopped there. SL said perhaps he, the one who dunno anything about it may be able to do it. After a while of experimenting the instructions with Scott, he got it right and I continued the steps after that. Lucky us !!!

Level 3, folding a few boxes with base and cover lid, 100 stars and a pineapple. Each of us was assigned to different task and we complete half of the level 3 task at the end. And what we got was 2 sunflower (which suppose to be stacked together as pineapple), 30+ stars and a triangular base box with octagonal cover lid.

"We’re enjoying playing the games only..."

"Yaya ! And if we can enter final then good !"

"Right, even if we lose we still enjoying the game !"

After that we waited at PE009 for the results of top 15 teams. After hours of waiting, we're finally listing to the announcement of top 15. Surprisingly Sensei's name was announced out loud, correctly ! We're so happy and we're one of the few teams in Stream E that qualified for finals. Found Mel Li (dunno spell wrong ar not, will be going to YCW's blog for spell-checking) later on and I told her that my team qualified, sadly her team was not.

"Never mind, I'll win that price for you !"

Later on I found myself walking back from PE to Jaya One bus stop. Chatted a lot and then head back home. Having a nice day today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Good luck guys~

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