Friday, October 17, 2008

Walking Alone [Offline Blog for 15/10]

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Its been like that since I'm in secondary school. I couldnt walk in front of my group of friends or else I'll found myself walking alone where the others are somewhere else. I couldnt walk alongside with them as well ! Coz everytime I found that there'll be obstacles blocking my way, or I'll be hit by the cars, or the space couldnt fit 2 or 3 people walking alongside. Its been like that since I'm in secondary school... the group of friends, I'll always be the odd number, which makes the rest of them having pairs walking in front chit-chatting, having laugh while I'm following them at the back, quiet and listening to them. What if I'm the even one ? One of the pairs will be having 3 people and I become the odd again.

And if you noticed (you probably wouldnt before reading this post), the FRIENDS were made up of 7 people, 4 girls and 3 boys. This makes 2 pairs in girls and 1 pair in boys, and the remaining ... is me. Whats makes me more odd was, I'm the only one who're school prefect in the group. When I'm been giving orders to do stuffs, I'm separated from them.

"Will it be the same when I entered university ?" thought myself.

" will be," deep inside my heart answered.

And so it is. Though there's only me and the other one walking together to the same destination, I cant walk alongside with them coz of the things I mentioned above. Sometimes I managed to walk alongside with them, or sitting together in the classroom/bus, but then I can see from their facial expression that, their heart wasnt there.

"There's no coincidence in this world, there's only Hitsuzen." - Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC

So...for these long years that had come, I accepted it and think of it as a fate to me. Perhaps ... it would be better when I'm walking alone ? Maybe ... there's some meaning behind this ?

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