Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Outing Twice

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Received her sms early in the morning. I heard my phone's message tone, thought of some Hotlink messages again. But after I read the message, it was from CYC. We've been contacting each other in Friendster before the Finals start, and we've make a promise that we'll be meeting each other once I'm back to Puchong. And so, I guess this is it !

"Later 2pm accompany me go dental appointment ?" #Abstracted from the message she send to me.#

And wait a this a trap ? Will she suddenly ask me something about that strange message that she's been receiving few weeks ago...which was from SL WITH my knowing about it ?

"Who's Henry ? Har !?" with her angry look she punched my stomach and asked me that.

"Eh...who's Henry ?" replied me, rolling my eyes.

Blah blah after she told me about the stories of SMS-ing with a stranger, she said that "Henry" exchanged his Friendster profile with her. She spotted my picture on the primary photo of Henry and she doubt that it was me that gave her number to Henry. Well...half true. Another half was actually that SL got it himself.

After her dental appointment, we went to 7-11 for a drink. She bought a pack of teddy biscuits and we both sit there chatted for an hour or so. She's in a school band, how nice is that. I always wanted to be in a band or a choir, music is just so much fun ! And later on end up at her house, transferred some songs to her computer. The original purpose of "giving her TRC manga chapters" was failed coz I forgot to copy the file from my computer to the pendrive. Careless me. Moments later her mom fetch me back home and said bye to her.


The word "FRIENDS" are purposely capital-lettered coz I'm referring to that group of friends that we formed ourself. Usually they just called it "the seven of us", and only some of us use the name FRIENDS. Anyway, its Bao HT's birthday yesterday. And around 10pm, Yong WY's car was waiting for me outside my house. And after fetching Lai MC, we're off to somewhere near Bandar Puteri (more accurately, somewhere opposite Tesco Puchong).

Only 5 of us reached the restaurant (cant search for a better word, and my phone rang. Seeing Au YH, Yong YW and Teng WH teasing each other reminds me of my past. There's been a barrier since then...and it never been broken. With the arrival of Bao HT and Lee SX, the barrier strengthen and the same old feeling haunts me once again. I can see that even Lai MC feels the barrier (I guess its weaker compared to mine) and he cant really get himself into their conversation. Craps, thats the stuffs they've been chatting since...

Finally, the opening of the cake ! I requested from Yong WY to have her phone for a while to snap pictures. And I took many pictures of them having fun and sort. I need to have self control or else the memory will full sooner or later, so I stopped the photography session.

#Happy Birthday Bao Bao~#

#Cutting the cake with strange looking + funny expression.#

#Smallest piece of the cake for the small one.#

#While everyone seriously eating the cake, Yong WY and Lee SX having fun behind...#

#"Dai gah jie" Au YH dividing the cake to all of us, looks like SX finally alert of the "Cake-dividing-ceremony" !#

#Sienz, self pic just for fun...too bad the other 2 boys deleted their own pictures that I took. Huh~#

After all the funs and laughs, its almost 12am, we're heading back home with either Bao HT or Yong WY's car. Careless Yong WY left her car key inside the car and didnt locked her car door ! Lucky since Bao HT's car was at her car's side. Both of the cars plays chasing moments later after the engine starts. Both the cars almost collide and a motorcyclist might be injured if there's no self control between them. Anyway, back to home safety for all of us.

Yesterday was Bao HT's birthday, and today is my another friend, TYK's birthday. Here to wish both of you two HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.


"Hello ?"

"You told CYC about me already har ?"

"She figure it out herself once she saw my picture in your profile..."

"Ai yo, you should pretend that you dont know who's Henry mar..."

"Er...actually I thought of asking you to come out with me to meet her, but then I dont know when you'll be back..."

"Came back already fun already...K lar...bye"

#PART of the conversation between me and SL before Bao HT and Lee SX arrive.#

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