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3 Crazy Stories [Offline Blog for 21/10]

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These stories were fiction and created by me, SL, Scott, Sensei and Freezie during Double B event for that drama queen station. We're told to pick 3 papers, which indicate character, venue and genre of the drama that we need to act it out. The deleted part is the part where we havent act out and that people told us to stop and refused to accept our acting. The stories may be changed a little due to my "Dory fish effect", or short term memory lost thingy thing. And so, here it goes !

1. Paris Hilton, Grave Yard and Action/Adventure

Paris Hilton was planning a trip to Africa for a hair treatment. She threw her bags to her bodyguard and took a flight to Africa with her beloved dog. Paris suddenly felt that she wants to go to the zoo coz her dog likes animals, and so her bodyguard brought her to the zoo.

There are two kidnappers in the zoo that spotted Paris, and they tried to cover themselves in animal skin to trick her into the trap but failed to do so. Both of them very angry about it and they overheard Paris told her bodyguard that she'll be having a concert later.

The kidnappers followed Paris to the concert venue and went to the stage to kidnap Paris when she was singing and her bodyguard rushed to the stage to help. Suddenly there came a handsome that claim he's a hero and tried to save Paris from one of the kidnapper that caught her, but being killed by the other kidnapper. Accidently, the kidnapper killed the struggling Paris and she died. Both the kidnappers were afraid and they threw her into the grave yard.

[Deleted part]
After that, God comes down and gave a second chance to Paris to have a happy ending. Everything rewinds back to the part where Paris being caught on stage, and the hero successfully rescued Paris from the kidnappers and sent them to the police station. And Paris live happy ever after with the hero.

2. Britney Spears, Shrek’s Hut, Comedy

Britney Spears was walking alone and singing "Toxic" and she suddenly fell down due to careless and fainted. When she woke up, she found that there's a cat named himself Puss in the Boots, and she wants him to bring her to a place where she can rest coz she's hurt. Puss called out Donkey and told her that this is the only transport available. After an arguing, Britney accepts Donkey's help to Shrek's hut.

Shrek opens the door and had a shock of his life, and Fiona scolds Donkey for bringing a mess to the house. Britney was so angry coz there's nobody caring about her, and she introduced herself to the rest. Shrek was hooked by the beauty of Britney and wants to marry her, and she willing to do so as well ! Fiona was angry and tries to take back her husband from Britney with "paper, scissors, rock" game. It failed to do so and Britney suggested that both of them will be having 50% of Shrek's properties and she wants Puss in the Boots while Fiona can have Donkey.

[Deleted part]
Fiona agrees with it and Britney and Shrek were in the church for the wedding ceremony. But then Fiona argues with Britney for being the second wife though she's the first one who marries with Shrek. After all the arguing, Shrek said that he would likes to have them both as the first wife. And so, Shrek and Fiona together with Britney live happily ever after in the land of Far Far Away.

3. Britney Spears (again !), Under the Sea (later changed to Jack and the Bean Stalk), Romance

There's a day where Britney walking alone on the street, she encounters her fans. That particular fan claimed that he's the number one fans of her and would like to give something to her, a seed. Britney said thank you to him and dont know what to do with the seed, but she planted somewhere else. The other day whe she walking pass that place, she saw a very big bean stalk growth on the place where she planted the seed yesterday. She asks her bodyguard to climb up and check out whats up there.

Later, her body guard said that there's a handsome Prince staying up above the bean stalk. Britney was excited and climbed herself up to the top of the bean stalk and found herself on something like a place of another continent. A slave comes and wondered how did she comes here, but the slave brings Britney to see the King and Queen of the castle, named the Kingdom of Nowhere.

The King and Queen were excited coz there's a visitor to their kindgom, and they want Britney to tell them whats her purpose of coming to the Kingdom of Nowhere. She said that she's been told about there's a handsome Prince living up here. And later on, she saw that handsome Prince sitting beside the Queen and pointed at him. Strangely, the price is actually her bodyguard !

[Deleted part]
The Queen willing to let both of them marries, with conditions. First, smell her smelly shoes. Second, sing to the King and Queen and finally, never ever go back to the World of Below again. Britney refused to the third one and the marriage was cancelled. When she's on the way down the bean stalk, she felt the bean stalk was moving and someone down were cutting it ! She quickly climbs up and escaped from the dangerous incident. She got no place to go and accepted the Queen's conditions to marry the Prince. The Prince and Britney stayed in the Kingdom of Nowhere together, forever...

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