Monday, October 6, 2008


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You have not scanned your computer for the last 3 days, please scan your computer to protect it from virus and spyware.

Something like that was shown on the screen after I switched on the notebook after its been "kidnapped" for the last 3 days. The days without the notebook to online was kinda boring and...meaningless. But, I managed to finish reading 2 books of Chronicles of Narnia. Thank goodness ! Lucky I bring the books with me and it did helps to spend my "free time".

The "kidnapper" is actually my aunt, the same aunt that brings me to do cleaning jobs (since I have 3 aunts, I shall call her the 2nd Aunt for she's the second eldest among my aunts). And all begins with me online till middle of the night...

"Switch off the computer when its 12am and switch off the lights as well," ordered my 2nd Aunt. I'm waiting the Heroes S3E03 to load that time and its only loaded till halfway, and I'm still watching the beginning of the 40+minutes series. After I finished the show (which surprised me a lot) I leave the notebook online overnight coz I'm still downloading the game Spore, which I found the downloading speed was amazing during midnight.

And then I went to sleep while listening to the MP3. Heck ! Low battery ! And so I quietly slipped through the door and reached the dark place where the notebook placed. Plugged the MP3 into it for charging and waited for a few minutes while re-reading my own blog. When I'm ready to go, I accidentally kicked the table fan near me and a loud "bang" (though it seems not that loud in the day but it'll be very loud at night) was heard ! Clumsy me !

And so, the next day I woke up, the notebook was gone. I already know where it'll go coz this is not the first time she "kidnapped" it. There's been eh ... a few times already and I didnt really care about it at all, this time. As long as you return it to me when my sem2 starts then everything will be OK. And thats the time when the books that "My" Chelle comes in handy. (Thank you "My" Chelle !)

I'm able to online now is because of something else, later on the notebook that I'm using now will be handled back to the "kidnapper" till the day comes. Its been my fault for my careless mistakes and for online till very late, but still, she's doing so because she care of my health (and her baby Juno for refusing to sleep with the lights on, since the location I online in the house is near to my 2nd Aunt's door room, and she opens the door while sleeping).

What to do ? Nothing I can do ! Its a big lost since I cant complete the download till sem2 starts ! And I cant figure out where can I go complete the download after sem2 starts. Haiz~

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