Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Post for the Sem Break

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Counting down the time till 13rd October = 22 hours 25 minutes

So...thats the time left till 13rd October midnight when I starts to write this post. When thinking back the time where the holiday just begin, it seems to me that the holiday are too short, cant do anything in that short 2 weeks time. Later after the end of 1st week holiday, Hermin told me in MSN that there's 2 more weeks to go and she missed TE 4 a lot. do I ! After that conversation, I realized that there's actually 3 weeks of holiday, and crazy ideas been popping out of my head...

1. Re-download Maple SEA !

So that I can contact back those fellow guild mates in the game. Kinda miss them actually...those days where we tease each other in the same map, helping each other in doing quest, having laugh and tears together...they're all such a nice people and offer lots of help when you needs it. But, the guild members are not that active anymore, due to studies and working...same situation for me...

2. Why not download SUPERNATURAL SEASON 3 ?

The season 2 finale really nice and that AXN havent show season 3 yet, though in the US season 4 already aired ! I dont want to watch House, not Nip/Tuck, not Terminator...I want Supernatural ! I wanna see those boys back in action killing demons and dealing with dangerous situations with spirits...the story is getting more interesting after season 2 finale, but AXN never shows it. Didnt get all the season 3 episodes, but still at least I got a few episodes for me to fill up my hunger !

3. Hey ! Heroes season 3 is up !

After all the counting down...finally its here ! And watching it online is a must for me ! In season 3, the plot goes faster, which means more shocking secrets are being revealed in an episode. With all the shocking and surprises, I go download season 3 episodes and hopefully can re-watch and re-watch while I cant go online and look for a newer episodes...

4. Whats more...SONGS~

With HSM3 coming up, I searched for the songs and surprisingly found a few of the songs in the soundtrack which havent release yet. Other than that, some of my beloved anime songs and english songs were found and downloaded. Wah, looks like my MP3 will be full of nice songs in Sem2 now...*whistle*

5. For boring times...GAMES !

Trying to get Spore, but failed after numerous attempts. Failed to get to, I go searched for GBA and NDS roms and found lots of games which are cool and nice to play with. From Mario to Sonic, Final Fantasy series with Chocoboos and Kingdom Hearts, cute Zelda with Megaman and fantastic Lego Star Wars. All the RPGs and action+adventure games will be nice to play with when there's free time, but playing too much will spoil my mood in studying. Really needs to have self control over those emotions of addicting games...

Seems like I've done lots of things in this 3 weeks time...other than yam cha-ing and helping out my grandma in housekeeping. Question I ready for the next few hours thats coming to me ?

Anyway, tomorrow (or I should be saying today) is my cousin's 1 year old birthday. He's very cute and adorable...too bad dont have a picture of him with me now...but here, I'm going to wish him happy birthday (though he dunno whats that means !) and hopefully when the next time I come back Puchong, he'll be able to walk towards me. Dont be lazy to walk !

And...for the time when I cant go blog online, I'll go offline blogging and I'll post them once I can go online.

Counting down the time till 13rd October = 21 hours 40 minutes

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Anonymous said...

hey 'harry' ^^
aster here xD saw ur new blog address on msn so i thought i'd pop in n take a look ^^
hey i miss maple too, but nic n i are playing a private server now =x till my uec exam over we'll be fully active in tht game ^^v
if ur interested in tht game leave me a msg in msn k?

cya xD
take care ^^

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