Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Sem Has Come !

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"Can check d result liao ! In UTAR Intranet..." #Abstracted from Freezie's sms message this morning.#

After knowing such a thing from Freezie-chan, an hour later, received YCW's call with his excited voice.

"I think you should know that you can check your results already right ?"


"Check liao lar ?"

"Havent yet..."

"Damn stupid wan wor. Just now check that time still OK, now when I wanna check the page very lag."

"Oh...sure something like that will happen. (Coz the whole UTARians are checking as well !)"

#Part of the conversation between me and YCW...cant remember all if you ask.#

And seems that (the long waited ?) sem2 gonna starts soon. And...A few things I should not be doing in the new sem will be...

#Laughing and lagging while in presentations.#

#"Will you marry me ?"#

#Being scared of the particular subject (and the stuffs in the dark).#

#Eat too much till forget what is ester and carboxylic thingy stuffs.#

#I know this is private to her, my fellow TE 4s in the new sem...NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN THE CLASS AGAIN ! Show them what we can do (other than PSP-ing at the back) !!!#

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