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Waterfall Trip at Batu Berangkai, Kampar

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Went to the usual house that I always go: 1238 early in the morning (to be more presice, 6.30am) and saw Jest cooking bihon frustrated-ly. Although I was assigned to make sandwich but since no one is helping Jest, I decided to help her along. After a few minutes, I started to get frustrated as well, coz the wok we're using to cook the bihon is too small and it was hard to cook.

After all the cooking and packing it into the container, we called the taxis and start out our journey to Batu Berangkai waterfall at 8am after confirmed we had bring along everything we need.

#Entrance to the waterfall, located at the bottom of the hill.#

When we all arrived, we walked up the hill with our bags and bottles and all the containers. The scenery was nice and refreshing with lots of durians and rambutans above our heads !

"Can you listen it ?" asked Tweety-chan in the middle of the walk.

"Yeah, its been too long since the last time I ever heard the sound of the bugs in the middle of a village or jungle."

#Walking up the hill towards the waterfall !#

The sound of the bugs was wonderful, together with the combination of warming hot sun and cooling fresh air, this place is almost gotta be Eden !

#Posing halfway towards the waterfall.#

After 10-15 minutes of walk with sweat for me, we reached the waterfall that we're looking for ! We found ourself a tent or whatever-it-is-called and placed our belongings there.

#The tent I'm talking about.#

This place is called Batu Berangkai, people usually came here for picnic and relaxation, but we're here just for the coldness of the water. The surroundings are so beautiful and what are you waiting for ? Jump in now !

#The higher ground of the waterfall.#

 #The lower ground of the waterfall.#

 #The middle area, with less fast flowing current and depth high up to your lower chest if you're 170cm+ tall.#

 #Freah water flowing through the legs of small children.#

#Thats the other gang of UTARians that came to the waterfall after our arrival !#

 #The middle part of the waterfall, where we spend most of our time on it.#

 #Surrounded by greeny leaves of the forest.#

 #Looking down the waterfall from above. Down there are steep, please be careful.#

 #Eh ? A huge looking tree that grew horizontally !#

The water is really clean, I'll give it 4 out of 5 if there's a rating. We played volly ball together and splash water on those who cant pass the ball nicely to the opposite site. Hey stop splashing, the water is so cold !

#Looks like breakfast time is here ! Around 10am+ we prepared ourself for breakfast. SL-san actually tried to make a kissing pose when i shouted "3" least I caught the process.#

#"Little miss sunshine" posing happily infront of the motorcycle as we're getting ourself breakfast !#

#Breakfast of the day, fried bihon with eggs.#

#Scotty ang Tweety-chan were waiting for their turn !#

#Left to right: Rannie, Sensei and Llyen having breakfast at the side of the waterfall.#

#SL got his breakfast already ? Izzit taste delicious ? Where's mine !?#

#Hermin with her salad and tuna sandwich.#

#Left to right: Scotty, Tweety-chan, Rannie, Jest, Freezie-chan and Sensei. At the back: Hao2.#

#After having breakfast, we posed and took pictures again !#

#Second round of volly ball looks like gonna start soon ! Left to right: Bond, Neo, SL and Char Siew Pao.#

#Front to back: Char Siew pao, SL, Bond and me.#

#2009's most white leg male category in UTAR goes to ?#

#The sun shines through our legs ... few seconds ago before this picture.#

#Rannie is giving birth to a ... ball ?#

#Erection spotted ?#

#While everyone is in the water, Llyen posed high above them on a rock !#

#Frog stacking. Bottom to top: Rannie, Char Siew Pao, Hao2 and SL.#

#Looks like Sensei is enjoying the coolness of the fresh air !#

#The duo "Hermin+Freezie" always make a perfect match.#

#"Dont look at me you boys, huh !"#

#A chinese word sounds "he" spotted by Rannie !#

#The prettiest pose of the year winner: Scotty, who half-hide himself behind a rock.#

#Never ending "malat-ing" from SL.#

#Requested by Sensei, back stroking picture of herself.#

#I wonder why, Freezie-chan seems to be the only one who always pose for the camera while others doesnt even realized there's a camera infront of them !#

#Water war between Llyen and Tweety-chan watched by Neo.#

#Posing on the rocks ! You all rocks man~#

#Finally this pair wanted to be in picture, or so I aimed the camera on them with their coorperation of posing...#

#Have a break, have a watermelon ! I remember seeing Neo stuffing it into his mouth ! So juicy~#

#A nice place spotted by me: a rock covered with moss.#

#Me and Llyen.#

#Who's the killer of TE 4 ? Us !#

#Posing as if they're husband and wife, Tweety-chan's idea.#

#Hey, the sun is back ! See how clear is the water around Jest !#

#Best picture of the trip choosen by me.#

#I thought that was suppose to be used for placing the watermelons ? Quit licking Rannie's foot Ah Pao !#

#Small fish spotted by Hao2 and Bond caught it ! *Victory pose*#

#For sure I dont wanna miss the chance to take picture with those fishy ! Not very clear in this picture though...#

#Playing game: passing balloon as fast as you could !#

#As requested by me, they did posed it well !#

Around 2-3pm+, we packed our stuffs up and ready for going back home because we saw the current is getting stronger and stronger with time. Its for our safety and we do not want to risk anything.

Then those "another gang of UTARians" I mentioned earlier also packed their stuffs and we said "bye" to each other. They claimed they're CS student, hopefully we'll meet again around UTAR !

#Before we're walking downhill, Hermin requested for a picture of this state.#

#While walking downhill, spotted a plant with huge leaves ! I placed Tweety-chan beside it for comparison purpose.#

#Walking walking...#

Its really fun to hang out together with a group of friends. All 15 of us were so happy to be there for a relaxing trip. Thanks to Jest's idea, we TE 4 finally went to a place and hanging out together.

#TE 4 posed !#

#TE 4 posed with those CS student !#

#At the end of the hill, I saw this funny notice board.#

There's a total of 271 pictures taken in this trip including 3 videos. I'll try to upload what I took in a second post.


Ken Wooi said...

nice pictures..
nice place =)

SpiKy9007 said...

thanks for sayin that. you should go and hav a look if you could.


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