Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another CNY at Genting

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Just another random update today. Didnt post any pictures for this post (again), coz I still dont have my own camera (or camera phone) yet. Well...I really do hope that its just a yet. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year ! Its Ox year this time and seems like everyone is saying "Happy Niu Year", since "Niu" sounds so similar with the mandarin word "cow".

Anyway, up here Genting was super cold. There's always a problem for me when I'm in contact with cold. What I mean here is the weather cold, not the cold drink COLD or the flu COLD. I sneeze like heck everytime the wind blows.


There's a time where we TEs student needs to go to the PG block for lecture, and the classroom there was cold like heck. Its as cold as sitting in a class without walls and roof in Antarctica, well...for me. During a Biology lecture at there, thank goodness Rannie changed the place with me, if not I dont think I can survive under the air conditioner.

Well...I guess after that incident, the whole TE's students is like...know whats my problem already - scare of cold. How embarrassing...

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Genting is actually, fun. Just that the weather is cold, thats all. Haha...

By the way...thanks to "My" Chelle again, for your broadband. For your information, using Maxis Broadband in Genting is a good choice. And to those who sent me SMS during these few days, thanks to you too. Happy holiday to all fellow TEs and gambate in the coming, very soon finals.

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