Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its So Good to Maple Again !

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Isnt that Rukia from Maple Story ? Eh, I mean from anime Bleach...It just looks like the characters from Maple if you ask, sorry for mis-regconized her as a anime ! I mean that Maple character ... >"<

Its good to Maple again, thanks to "My" Chelle's broadband. It seems like Maple just had a new patch (just as I thought), and luckily the connection was very good yesterday, I auto-patched it successfully, which I never done it before using direct line.

Well, thats the login page of the new Maple ! There's two portal there, Singapore portal will be the old portal that I played last time, while Malaysia portal is a new server. I clicked to Malaysia portal and created a new character for the latest job - Pirate !

I skipped the training part of me and straightly brings you lot to the door way to become a Pirate ! Ah, this must be the door ! So happy to be here !

OK...once I entered that door, this map appears. Looks lonely and...small, but the town is not at here ! I entered the portal that I'm standing on and I found myself in a remarkable town full of water and small island. There's a submarine and I entered to look for the job advancement instructor. Next thing I know was ... I'm finally a Pirate ! XD

And so, training is very important to gain level to boost up your skills ! Without skills, you're meaningless. While in training, you can test your skills on the cute monsters and go hunt for treasures ! Hey, thats a scroll drop by the monster ! Heck...suddenly the game went laggy and I cant pick up the item ! Scrolls are rare and it can boost up the stats of the equipments and weapons, so no matter what, I must take it !!!

What happened next ? I got the scroll, its a Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF. Quite useless but, its better than nothing coz I didnt really expect to hunt something today. Its feels so good be be in Maple again, meeting back old friends and share stuffs together...

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