Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Very Meaningful Chat

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Just chatted with my Maple friend. She's always been the nice and understanding one in the guild in Maple. When I saw her online in MSN , I was so happy. In the last few days I saw her online, but due to the connection problem on the both side, we seems like cant chat for long.

Well...we chatted a lot...when I mean a lot here, it really means a lot and lots of stuffs ! We chatted about my stuffs, her stuffs, other people's stuffs...just feeling so nice to chat with someone so familiar with but we does not meet before in the real world.

After I told her my problems, she started to tell me her's too. Below is part of the modified chat log that we had...

"Huh ? You also got problems ? What izzit ? Studies or BF ?"

"Actually, family and mom stayed in the hospital for months already, I neglected my studies..."

"Ai she OK now !?!?"

"She's better already, doing radiotherapy treatment..."

"Radiotherapy...for treating cancer and tumour right ?"

"Yea...she got a tumour..."

"Ai yo ! So kesian ! Will she be going to get better !?!?"

" said cannot do only do radiotherapy...she got tumour on spinal..."

"Spinal ! Its very important wan leh..."

"Pass two weeks my mom was suffering from the gives her morphine..."

"Morphine, a kind of drugs, for pain relief ?"

"Yea, she take it after radiotherapy...After each session, the tumour will grow a bit, need to do 10 times only the tumour will be under control."

"Dont be so sad ark, looks like your problems are more serious than me..."

"I accepted it ler..."

"It must be very hard to accept such a thing. My tears falling now..."

"Everytime going hospital I cant cry in front of her, so I console her everything will be fine. Then I go toilet an hour, then go back see her..."

"I'll be crying already if I'm you, I'm kinda like crying already now..."

"Dont lar, sorry lar...seldom online then makes you cry, I so pai seh..."

"Just hope that she'll be getting better and better..."

Then after that, she changed the topic back to me and I continued my stories. She did very concern about how I felt that time. Its just too hard for her to accept his...crying in the middle of the night for the weakened mother who got a tumour on spinal (cord ?).

She's so strong in facing such a huge problem in just 2 months...why cant I face my small problem in less than 2 months time !? Her story makes me realized something...we dont know till when will our love ones can be stayed with us. So, we must be appreciating the stuffs that we got now and make the full use of it and love them with all your might.

I finally cleared out my mind that...I think that ... I really think that ... I liked someone. I know she may not be able to read this blog for a time, but...I would like her to know that, I'll be staying by her side, not always...but whenever you needs me, I'll be there...

As the end of the post, I would like to pray that...for the sake of her daughter Lyn, my Maple friend...please, get well soon.

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