Friday, January 16, 2009

Mystery Solved...Another Mystery Arise !

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There's been something hunting me since the beginning of semester 2...

I meet Ms Wong, another chemistry lecturer which never teaches me before. I meet her coz she's volunteering to conduct the survey that I'm having for the subject Writing For Science. At that moment, the only thing she know about me was nothing, I suppose...

And for the second time I meet her, she's actually calling out my full name and I was like shocked a while. We waved and I continue on heading to my destination, wondering...

After the chemistry test 1, I meet her outside the exam room. I'm not feeling well that time, she asked me whether the test was easy. "I think I know how to do it, just that I dunno whether all my answers are correct or not," I answered, weakly.

Some time later on, I meet her in the cafeteria. SL, Bond and I asked a question about the experiment procedures for our next practical. She answered it and give us some suggestions about the procedures...smiled at me...

Yesterday, halfway during my chemistry lab with Banu, I meet Ms Wong outside the lab. She call me by my name again and with courage, I actually asked her how she knows my name, coz I didnt remember I told her about my name.

The she said its from other lecturer, Mr TT or Ms Leong. Ms Leong came later on and said "I'm not that kind of person who says about people's stuffs" or something like that. So Ms Wong said "Its from Mr TT."

"Mr TT or Mr Teh ?"
"Its Mr TT..."

So...another question rose ! Why did Mr TT talks about me in front of Ms Wong ? Somemore, Mr TT remembers me !!! What did I do until he remembers me so well...?

I wonder...

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