Friday, January 16, 2009

First and Last Chemistry Lab

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Still remember that we, TE 4's first practical lab was Chemistry with Mrs TT ! The only thing I know about chemistry with her was "right...right..." and its actually very fun. I remember that day was a Thursday, and I'm actually wanna copy math tutorial, so I gather all the apparatus, solutions and stuffs for SL, my partner, and we started the experiment seconds later.

The next thing I know was, we're conducting the experiment (its a neutralisation experiment), both of us cooperated very nicely and we finished the experiment quite fast. Washed all the apparatus and I started to copy the tutorial in the chemistry lab. Then Mrs TT came, "no other subjects in my class or I'll tear it off, and you'll need to redo it again for that subject." So I quickly kept it away and then, listen to Mrs TT's brief about the result.

"...I see SL and PF(which is me) done a very good job, they cooperate very well. Well done and keep it up OK ?"

Those words really makes me happy. Its the first lab for me stepping in UTAR, and I got a credit from the lecturer...Its actually unexpected for me to hear it from Mrs TT, what I want at that time was to finish it quickly so I got time to copy the tutorial answer.

Yesterday, was my last chemistry lab for my Foundation studies. I didnt really know whats the aim or purpose of the experiment, but I together with my fellow TE 4s did it nicely. Yesterday's practical was the fastest practical that we TE 4 been through for all these weeks, probably coz of only 6 people attending the practical...

This time, its Banu (I know it sounds rude, but thats how I call her without her notice) that teaches us about the experiment procedures. This experiment was kinda fun, especially the part E's experiment. We left the solutions a little longer and when we wash the beakers, something like precipitate sticks on the wall of the beakers ! Its black and smelly and its unwashable !!!

What Kak Ash(our chemistry lab assistant) do is to put some diluted H2SO4 on it and rub it with the gloved fingers. We did the same and what I know was, the acid was hot ! Scare me...but I'm watching the black precipitate on the beaker to wash off, the beaker is as clean as brand new !

I saw Hermin washing a very dirty beaker, I asked whether I could help her, and...

"I know I can do it, I dont wan your help..."

Ok then...if you say so. But the next thing I know was she's keep on complaining the stain couldnt worn off.

"Come, let me help..."
"NO, I can do it !"

Well...OK then...if you say so. The beaker she's washing did looks cleaner as before. Later on, she handled me an almost clean beaker to me.

"Help me clean..."
"No, I know you can do it, so I dont wan to help..."

And few minutes later, she cleaned the beaker without a single stain on it, as if its brand new. Then we TE 4 went kisiao and started to take pictures with Banu. Compared to the first and last lab for chemistry, we TE 4 changed a lot. But still, we're a big family, just like Jes said in semester 1...

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