Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally ! I Found the Song !

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Its so good to found the song ! Aww...isnt that song sounds nice !?

(Er erm...)

Well, if you're asking me what song is that, its actually just an instrumental song, remixed. Oblivion, thats the song name. I found the song from Imeem and I embedded it on my blog, you can listen to it by clicking it above.

I remember that the first time I listen to this song was during semester 1, when I was watching the Japanese anime movie Howl's Moving Castle in YCW's room with Mel Lee, Shi Hooi and Nemo. The Oblivion in the movie was the ... can I say its the classic version !? Anyway, the next morning, probably its a Saturday or Sunday, I was waked up by the O2 Mania songs from YCW's room.

Hey wait a sec, isnt that song sounds familiar !?

Then I opened my door and in my half awake half asleep mode, I walked to YCW's room and requested to listen the song back.

"Har ? Which song oh...whats the genre ? Classical ? Techno ... ?"
"The theme song for yesterday's anime..."

After a few minutes, he found the song and I felt so happy to listen to the song.

"Oh...Oblivion. This song ark...remixed already."
"Sounds nice wat..."

Ever since, I was looking for the song from the net. But everytime I search for "Oblivion", something like online games and music band's name pops out. I was managed to find this song, how lucky am I. Now, I wish that I could find the song somewhere for me to download, so that I can listen to it many many times ! Haha~~~

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