Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Fish 梁靜茹 - 崇拜

你的姿態 你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛 就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了
心愛到瘋了 恨到酸了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了
幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢

我還以為我們能 不同於別人
我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

你的姿態 你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛 就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

風箏有風 海豚有海
所以明白 所以離開
自己存在 在你之外

I listened back this song when Hermin told me that she started to like this song. And I sang silently besides her, waiting for Christine for replacement class. Thats the time where I realized something - the song was singing what am I thinking that time, especially the last few lines.

Over ? Its over ... yet ? Yes. I guess there's nothing I can do, being a third person would spoil many stuffs. Just like the lyrics of another Fish's popular song, 第三者...



Hey 女孩你听著 

Parts of the lyrics also can used to describe my feelings right now, again, especially the last few lines.

When thinking back the incidence about both the girl that I'm thinking seems like I'm more emotional after knowing what happens to the second girl. I almost cried when I'm back at home. Its not like the first girl doesnt good, just that I relied too much on our similarities and hobbies.

No matter how much similarities that the two person has, at the end, you'll still can find some differences between them, even if its twins...

Perhaps its my fault that I didnt take any action to confess ... but still, izzit this the appropriate time for me to so such a thing to the other, which I actually did care about ? Isnt her the One ? I cant sure of ...

分手快樂 請妳快樂
離開舊愛 像坐慢車

One of Fish's song too, 分手快樂, which actually what I should be thinking of right now...I may not be as good as him, as talented as him, but ...

... I may found my strength in myself and, I'll try my best to achieve what I want ... for now.

Anyway, thanks to "My" Chelle for your broadband...hope your room mate wouldnt mind that I borrowed it ... and Tweety-chan, without noticed, you cheered me up a little, though.


niccole said...

aiyoyo~~when i finished read ur blog...jus have feeling wanna cry...cos u make me think back my pass...i had the experience before...i liked a guy but so unfortunately he had a girlfren oredy...i knew it was the rite time 2 let me 4got him...i jus wish them that they could xingfu...i believed that i could meet sum1 that really love me in the future...think positive and everything will be okay...i admit that u really need time to recover..anyway,we will always acc u and cheer u up!!dun 4get u have many lovely te4rian who always rite her 2 give u support!!dun ever leave in ur own world cos u r not alone...u r our close frens!!gambatte kudasai spiky san!!^^v

niccole said...

paiseh ah!!i dint check my comment b4 i post to many errors...hope that u dun mind loh..hehe...

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