Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Review (CCS - The Sealed Card)

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Just finished watching the second and probably, the last movie about CardCaptor Sakura, named as CardCaptor Sakura - The Sealed Card. Well...thanks to...erm...Freezie for the movie. Its been long since I wanna watch it, and now I got the chance, so excited...

Story takes place after the whole series of CCS. The captued Sakura Card is missing one by one and Sakura realized that its actually the work by Clow Reed's Sealed Card, hidden and unknown by all of them. By taking each of the cards from Sakura, the object and people around will be disappeared. In order to save all her friends, family and her love one, with the limited numbers of Sakura Cards, she need to face the last card for a battle !

The part where I like the most is where Sakura got the chance to confess her love to Syaoran, but talk till halfway comes out an obstacle ! But in the end, she managed to confess her love to Syaoran, and Syaoran actually accepted her love ! Almost cried for them to be together...Sakura and Syaoran are always the perfect couple for CLAMP's creation. Just hope that the same Sakura and Syaoran will be waiting for their son, Real Syaoran back with Real Sakura of Clow Country...

Rating ? 9 out of 10.

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