Friday, November 27, 2009

どうも ありがとう ございます !

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Wahahaha !

Finally the house's internet connection was fixed and I'm able to online again ! What a great news to me and my fellow housemates too. I'm now proudly posting this as a reminder of the day where the savior fixed the modem for our house. A million of thanks to that friend of David ! どうも ありがとう ございます !

So, the modem was fixed and we're (more precisely, I, as I'm the only one in the house...again, like usual) able to use the direct...wait a minute, direct line was not working ! So it seems like we're only able to use the wireless then, which is better than having nothing at all ! At the mean time, I wish that David will be back and fix it so both direct line and wireless could be used.

Ah, what a restlessness night rushing for Sun Zi's assignment, even though the due date is next week Friday ! Haha~ Its a good thing though, rushing for the assignment early and getting ourselves prepared for the final exam coming soon. (Opps, did I just say "final exam" ?)

By the way, its really late now and I think I should go for bed. And one more thing: Happy birthday Jestrine. I was thinking to send you a SMS sharp 12am, but it seems like there's been a blockage somewhere as I couldnt send out the message. May your dreams and wishes come true and be happy.

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