Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Updating "Lazily"

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Lazy~~ Random update of what happened last week.

Really been lazy to post anything up here. Assignments are circulating under my feet wanted to be freed while the procrastinating fishing pole pulls them back beneth the ground, unseen by the naked eye.

"Talk academically" almost turns me into a living dead: zombie. Too much Resident Evil 3: Nemesis game for me I guess... Being constructed for X in this class, tomorrow's class would be constructed for Y instead, a very weird person if you ask...


After knowing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep gonna release for PSP this coming January 2010, I went insane and couldnt stop thinking of Ven (who looked like Roxas) weilding his keyblade in a very "cool" way. Currently trying to search for the market price of PSP, if I think its worth it I'll consider about it...

Oh ya, before I forgot, we TE 4 went to KTAR for a badminton game few days ago. It was fun, never been doing anything so "healthy" since foundation's badminton game, unless you count "cycling to school" in.

Still the same word, lazy. Until next time.

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