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キングダム ハース

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Pronounced as "Kingdom Hearts" in Japanese, was my favorite game for the Nintendo DS and PS2 if I could have one myself.

#Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days box art.#

The game I'm playing is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, specially made for DS because of its multiplayer system ? Whatever it is, as long as I could play it then it'll be fine ! I know its been released for almost half a year for the Japanese version and around 2 months for the English version, the fact is: I liked the game play really much !

To be honest, the graphic of this game is surperb. Looking for a better 3D cutscene game ? You just had to buy yourself a PSP then if you're thinking of a handheld gaming console.

Musics ? I like "This is Halloween", "The 13th Struggle", "Tension Rising", "The Other Promise" or "Roxas' Theme" and "Xion's Theme" as well. Recently I found that I'm in love with "Namine's Theme" too... Variety of musics in this game sure makes me feel like listening to a soundtrack while playing it. Background musics sure makes me insane !

Well, I've beaten the game once ... to be exact, TWICE: one in Japanese, another in English. Since I understand English better so my English version's progress is further. Proof ?

See ? Level 79 in the rank of Legend, highest rank you can get from the game. Whatelse, I've even got myself 359 crown token to earn myself a ring that gives me 100% resistance to all elements ! Challenge Sigil token are a little tougher to earn though, but at least I got myself quite a lot of it...

Oh, see what weapon am I using ? "This looks awfully familiar..." of course it looks familiar, its an umbrella ! (Under my umbrella ?) Its a joke weapon that I earned by getting some crown tokens. You gotta check out what the remaining 12 Organization XIII's member using by yourself... its damn funny.

*Spoiler Ahead*

The story really catches me. Whatever the game I'm playing at, the graphic catches me first, then the musics and lastly the plot. Organization XIII, an organization consists of 13 Nobodies (beings without heart but had a body) where purpose is to get Kingdom Hearts, where the hearts of all hearts are in order to become a whole being again.

A 14th member joins in soon after the 13th member Roxas, our main character here, joined the Organization. Given the name Xion, a girl who're able to wield the Keyblade, an ultimate weapon that could release the hearts captured by Heartless (beings which their hearts consumed by darkenss).

#"Nice to meet you, Xion," said Namine.#

After a while, she experienced some memories where she doesnt know how it got to her: familiar beach, ocean and an island... soon she realized that she's a Replica created by Vexen to replicate the Keyblade Hero's power so the Organization can get Kingdom Hearts in no time.

Of course, this information doesnt kept for long. After Roxas knows it, he ran away from the Organization, but turns out he doesnt have anywhere to go and he went to his favorite hang out spot: top of the clock tower in Twilight Town.

#Where do I think I could go ? What a joke...#

Well, he met Xion later on, and had ice-cream with her like they always do with Axel. But then, Xion speaks of she had "no time" anymore... She claim that she had too much of memories poured inside her, she must be "real" and not the replica...

#Who to expect ? Xion is Xion...#

#But, this isnt Xion...more like Sora !#

"It is time for me to unite with you Roxas. Cant you see, this is why I was created."

And hence, Roxas was forced to fight her as the final boss. After all the action, Xion eventually defeated and come into senses, but it was too late, she's...


After reveling Xemnas' true intention to Roxas, she...

...crystalized ? But the thing is, her essence was absorbed by Roxas since Roxas is Sora's Nobody and Xion possessed Sora's memories. Yeah, very touching scene, especially when "Xion's Theme" was turned on at this cutscene ! The good news is, after absorbed the essence, Roxas is now able to duel wield: using two Keyblade at a time !

#Day 357 of the game, titled "Tears".#

Let me explain a little about Nobody: they had no heart, hence no emotion, no feeling, no happiness...they're just empty inside them. But erm...since Roxas is a Nobody of Sora, did I saw tears on his cheek ? Something must be wrong with him, and the explaination may be found in the coming prequel  Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Ah, enough of the game already. Just by mentioning it, how hard I wish I could have a PS2 so I could play the game and get ot know the story !

"Playing game is like reading a novel. The only differences is you know the story as an outsider by reading; while you know the story as an insider by playing."

In the end, rating from me ! Overall rating for the game that I beaten twice ? 9.8 out of 10.


Esther said...

it's that good? cool...

theeggyolks said...

cool! I'm always a Square Enix's fan :)

Kelvin said...

this game looks nice^^

Syaoran2138 said...

This game is really nice for true, especially when you play it on your DS. ^_^

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