Friday, November 13, 2009

Stunned + Lost

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Rushed to lecture at 9am today (supposed to be 8am, but ter-sleep) and found out that I missed the quiz for the subject and individual presentation has already begin before I could realize. Found my seat and get myself ready for the presentation.

I found out that Mr Cecily didnt pick us up at random, or even ask us to have a lucky draw for the presentation sequence. So I did not volunteer myself out since I'm not as prepared as other people. Some of my fellow classmates presented about Formula One, netball and even WWE smackdown's move.

Then its Yvonne's turn to be presenting for her speech and the topic is about colours of wedding gown and its meaning. She seems to be a little nervous, which I'm sure I'll be having it too...and she start off with the famous wedding song.

"Ring~ Ring~"


Everyone looked at Mr Cecily, where he picked up his phone and went to the back of the class ignoring Yvonne's half-presented speech. The whole class was stunned and Yvonne actually stopped by the shock of being ignored. She continued her speech and Mr Cecily only went back to his seat when it almost reach the conclusion.

The rest of the class who didnt got the hance to present are adviced to present it the following lecture. So its almost like a waste for all those who havent got a chance to present their speech. By the way, I could take it as a good news since I didnt prepared well. Haha~

And so the very same night of the day, I received Freezie-chan's call in the middle of a sweet nap and I answered "OK" before I realize what I've just agreed to...dinner, which I already had half an hour ago.

Anyway, I met her and Hermin, Rannie, Bond, Scotty and Tweety at Rannie's house and we went for dinner. In the middle of the journey, someone shouted that the phone was dropped somewhere and was going back to check where it is. The whole "dinner-thing" had became a "treasure hunt" for the missing phone.

Later on I was informed that its Hermin's phone that was dropped somewhere. We searched almost everywhere Hermin could possibly drop her phone: grassy area, road side and where-ever it is. The sky was getting darker and darker, which makes the search more difficult. We tried to call her phone and found that her phone was still functioning, which is a good news afterall.

So we called and SMS-ed and searched for the hope of finding the missing phone. Then I saw 'thundaraga", a huge thunder, indicating a rain is coming. I called her phone again and again and suddenly there's a guy on the phone.

"Hello ?"

"The owner called me just now..."

"Oh !? Ok then, thanks."

So Freezie-chan had found the phone indirectly and she accompany Hermin to claim back her phone.

Its already 8pm when we're having dinner. Nothing happened to Hermin's phone, other than a missing button which still can be pressed. And so, after checking how many missed call, she got ...

First place: Me with 17 calls
Second place: Freezie with 16 calls
Third place: Rannie or "who-else" with 12 calls

In addition, Freezie also awarded for "Sending SMS" as she sent 2 SMSes to Hermin's phone to whoever that found the phone.

I'm glad that she found her phone back after half an hour of searching in an almost raining and nightfall situation. Its not the phone that matter, its the SIM card that matters the most. Your contact numbers, personal information and sorta things... you cant just lost it like that ! So to those out there... please take a very good care of your cellphone, do not lose it as its as important as your own wallet.

After some few-days-in-a-row sleepless night due to rushing stuffs, its time ot sign off early. Dream a little dream of me, tuu~

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