Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finals Coming ... Already ?

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Well, it seems so, the final exam is really coming soon. But come to think of it, next week is week 7, and there's a study week after that, final exam havent reach us just yet with 2 weeks coming SOON isnt the wrong thing to say then !

Since its a short semester in UTAR right now, so basically we only had 7 weeks to attend lecture class and everyone can take a maximum number of 12 credit hour for this semester. Let me see what I got for this semester: Sun Zi 1 credit hour, Communication SKills 2 credit hour, Management Principles and Introduction to Japanese 3 credit hour each... (1, 2, 3 ... ish, stop singing Britney Spears ! >"<)

Eh...out of these 4 subjects, only Management Principles and Introduction to Japanese have final exam, so I'm only having 2 exaamination this semester ! *Yahoo~*

Our study week will be on 5th to 13th of December, which the purpose is to let us prepare for our final ... wait a sec, I thought I said till 13th December, but in the examination schedule, I start my first paper on 12th December, a Saturday ! OMG~

Whats more, its a 9am examination, I couldnt think of myself that what time should I get myself in bed the day before the exam. I couldnt miss the chance to be absence for the exam just because I over slept ! Oh, same goes to Management Principles on Tuesday, 15th December.

At the mean time what should I do before the final starts ?

Seems like sleeping is a very good choice.

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