Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Tough Journey for a Presentation ...

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"Sir, before I start my presentation, I would like you to have a chocolate. Take this..."

"This ?"

"Yes...its a dark chocolate."

"It is safe ?"

Come I look like a criminal who offer poisonous chocolates around to whoever it is ? Ish...

Back to 2 weeks before my presentation, I still remember the conversation that I had when I wanted to ask Mr Cecily about the topic that I've chosen. I'm afraid its not suitable, and so...

"Sir... you said that our presentation's topic must be to inform and to persuade right ? So can my topic be 'benefits of chocolate' ..."

"No... chocolates dont have benefits ..."

"But sir..."

"... high sugar, cause diabetes...lots of side effects !"

"... Ok then, so how about my topic is 'side effects of chocolate' ? Izzit counted as to persuade and inform ?"

"That one ok."


Although I asked him about the "side effects of chocolate", but in real I searched for the "benefits of chocolate" and started my journey to research on it. Searched for half a day and found myself with tons of chocolate's health benefits to out body. I could use all these to bomb him then, I thought.

"Please wear formal during your presentation with blazer..."

"Blazer ?" whole class shouted.

"Of course, its a formal presentation. Everyone should had their blazer."

"But sir...blazer is not a cheap thing to buy..."

"If you dont have one, I'll bring mine and borrow you. Girls should wear blazer too..."

After some arguing and discussion, "Alright, girls no need to wear blazer. Prepare your presentation visual aids, bring real object or pictures..."

"So we're using PowerPoint to present..." I muttered myself.

"Prepare handouts for the audience. And what if the audience want to contact the speaker after the speech ? Yes, business card, attach your business card too..."

Oh heck, he's expecting us to do more as time goes by. Does he really think that we're doing a presentation infront of thousands of people !? Ugh~

First day of the presentation was terrible as Yvonne was stunned by his actions of "answering the call" ... the other half of people who're presenting on the second day doesnt seems to be better. As the last person to present, there's always a pros and cons: use all the remaining time you had or, use all the time you left to present.

I offered him a piece of dark chocolate before I start my speech, he was stunned by it. Dont really care about it since I wanted everyone to had a piece in their I leave my box of chocolate to my "self-assigned" assistant to pass the chocolate around.

"Can I start now ?"

"Wait...after you had it, give me the box..." he ordered the group of girls at his side who're taking the chocolate from my assistant.


"Can I have another piece ?" he asked me.

"Well...sure ..."

He had another piece and I starts my presentation.

"Hypocrite" ... as "My" Chelle said when I told her about my presentation after the class. Doesnt really know the meaning but ... it doesnt sounds nice. Haha~

Deleted Scene

" that dark chocolate ? Do you know that dark chocolate is poisonous ? So...let me finish it for you," said one of the girls who sat on the side of the class, joyfully hopping towards me just for a piece when I found my "self-assigned" assistant.

"You can have one later on...not now."


So after I finish my presentation, I found the container that I used to keep the chocolate on my table. Thinking that they're still some of them left, I opened the cover. Surprisingly, its been swipe clean !

"Sure la, got chocolate to eat wor..." said "My" Chelle.

"I only had a piece out of 20+ ... before my presentation !"

Never thought it'll be finished by less than 20 people in seconds...luckily, I still had a small bar of it in my fridge at home.

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chelle said...

walao.. quote me ah... haha...

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