Sunday, November 1, 2009

UTAR-rians Got Flushed Away in Batu Berangkai Waterfall !

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You know me (if you do), I didnt like to double post for a single day unless its really nessasery for it. Today's first post took place in Batu Berangkai waterfall with joy and happiness; while the second post happens at the same place, but with a different kind of feeling...

This news is what happened for the second post.

5.30pm at Batu Berangkai, 3 UTAR student swept away by the so known "gush of water" in the news. As I remember correctly (and accurately), our gang already went back home by taxi and probably having our shower or in the middle of a nap already.

I got a feeling like "that place is not the place that we went right" when "My" Chelle told me about the news earlier through SMS since she didnt mention the name of the place. After I got the link to the news from Freezie-chan and Sensei, I was shocked till I stared on the word "Batu Berangkai" for a minute.

#The warning from flowing current of water flowing through our legs.#

Slippery surface of the rocks + fast flowing current = dangerously dangerous.

We listened to the taxi driver's advice to leave the waterfall at once when the current is strong. We did it and we saved our asses.

For UTAR's sake, please be strong and survive.

[Update on 12.03am 2nd November]

If you do like to pay your tribute, please visit .

[Update on 5.44pm 2nd November]

Visit this site for the update of the news.

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Xiaopei said...

Okay. I hate this place. I will never go this place again.

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