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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I [Offline Blog for 24/11]

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Hey yeah !!! So damn happy to watch this long-waited part I of the finale. And I'm so damn happy to watch it with my friend too though he said he didnt watch any Harry Potter movies before. That friend of mine might not know how BEST is this movie, but as a HP fan, I would like to say that... this part I of the finale is really the BEST movie ever made for the series. 很谢谢你今天的时间,总是觉得我弄闷了你,很不好意思咯。 >"<

#Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I theatrical poster.#

The Dark Lord has returned, and now everyone in the magical world starts to afraid about it. At the same time, the Death Eaters also infiltrated the Ministry of Magic, and Snape is appointed as the headmaster of Hogwards school of witchcraft and wizardry. In order to avoid being caught by the Death Eaters, Harry, Ron and Hermione took the items given to them through Dumbledore's will and set on a journey to destroy the Horcruxes and ultimately Lord Voldermot himself.

Will love break their friendships ?
Will disappointment break their hopes ?
Will trust break their defences ?

*This section might contain spoilers.*

Recalling back to the first few teasers/trailers, I just realized that a few scenes are not shown in the movie. Perhaps those are the scenes from part II...

From the opening till the end of the movie, I'm keeping track of the scenes and chapters as written in the book. And surprises me, I didnt sense any "gaps" between scenes in the movie. The movie's plot went on smoothly, every second on the movie is very tense.

The funny thing is the small bag the Hermione took with her. She casted a spell on it (from the book: I remembered its actually a gift from Hagrid if not mistaken) and the storage space is extended. Other than books, clothes, potion flasks... she even stuffed a small tent inside too ! And of course, the tent was extended too, so it could fit 3 of them inside.

Memorable scenes ?

"Obliviate." Hermione casted a spell to erase her parent's memory.

"Nagini, dinner..." said Lord Voldermot to his pet.

"Kreacher, find Mundungus," Harry ordered his housekeeper elf.

"Dobby is a free house elf !" I'm sure you know who said this...

Also not forgetting the "7 Potter" scene, the wedding and "getting flushed into the Ministry of Magic".

*Spoiler section ends.*

A 10 out of 10 would be good. Highly praising the "7 Potter" scene, scenes inside the Ministry of Magic, Hermione narrating Beedle the Bard's - The Tale of the Three Brothers and "Malfoy's Manon".

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