Friday, November 26, 2010

What Can I Do ? [Offline Blog for 25/11]

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Sensei said that I should blog more... or more accurately "blog everyday". But actually I'm not sure what can I blog so I could "blog everyday".

I couldnt blog about my internship too much, as it might bores you.
I couldnt blog about other stuffs, as I need Internet for the information and pictures.
I also couldnt blog about myself too much, as I would like to keep some privacy.

There's no events happening lately unless you count the leave that I took yesterday, so there's really nothing much I could blog unless, of course, those emo blog post !

To express the emo-ness, I would like to use Chinese. But I've been using too much Chinese lately, whether is in the office or SMS-ing. And my English is getting rusty, I would like to have a book to sharpen up my English !!!

#Dan Brown's Lost Symbol.#

Talking about books, I gonna be mad !!! I want my copy of Lost Symbol !!! Everytime I pass by MPH I'll take a copy of the book and look at the price tag, then I'll simply start browsing the book. Whenever I looked at those pages with puzzles, pictures and illustrations, I will think that "this is gonna be a great book with Robert back in action again". For your information, this book will be adapted into a movie for a 2012 release as expected, and Ton Hanks will reprise his role as the famous Prof. Langdon again to solve the mystery of symbols.

Thanks "My" Chelle for the book, I'm not sure whether you're reading it now or not, but I'm sure that I'll get it from you when we meet again in Kampar.

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