Friday, November 19, 2010

Everlasting ? [Offline Blog for 18/11]

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Thats the first thing I thought of while thinking of a title for the day. Doesnt matter what it suppose to meant in the end... Anyway, I've noticed that I've updated my blog less frequent than last month, so I'm here, updating my blog.

Been practicing DiZi not very often these few weeks. Other than practicing the music sheets given by the teacher, I've also found my own sheets such as some songs from the Final Fantasy series. And today I downloaded some other sheets: Canon in D and Wish from S.E.N.S.. Translated half of them and tried to play it on my own not long ago, it sounds right and beautiful, but I'm not familiar with both of the songs, so I'm not sure how should the tempo be...

Other than practicing DiZi, I also found that one of the interns from USCI actually plays CO instruments too ! She said she's been learning GuZheng since Form 2, but she never joins any performance before. More over, USCI doesnt have any CO club, her CO future is very limited. I hope that next time when we UTAR is having our own performance again, she can come to Kampar and watch it...

So much to tell, so much to say... but, I just dont feel like writing it out here.

Waiting for 24th November... to come.

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Jong said...

Hey. I'm waiting for Novermber 24th to come too because there's a concert here. How bout you?

You should invite that friend of your. She can stay over me here if she want when we have our next concert. Cheer...

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