Monday, November 1, 2010

Its Halloween ! [Offline Blog for 31/10]

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Yeah, today is Halloween and guess what song is playing inside my head ? There's nothing else but "This is Halloween" from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Its Halloween... so what ?

Thats all... thats it. Staying home starring at the phone waiting for the reply, but it just doesnt seems to be replying soon. So I took out my laptop and played Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light. The graphics are cute, gameplay is impressive and not forgetting the awesome storyline. Below is the game's trailer that I found.

When I got stucked a while, I grab my DiZi (Chinese flute) and practiced a few songs including those songs that I've translated my own from the website myself. And when you're talking about Chinese Orchestra, recently I found that most of those TVB drama that took place in the ancient China period sure contains the background music featuring Chinese Orchestra. All you need to do is to focus more on the background music played on those drama, and you'll be inspired by the beauty of CO...

Doesnt know what to write anymore, even if I do, those ideas and points are not suitable for this post. So... Happy Halloween and have a great weekday ahead !

*Playing song "This is Halloween" from Kingdom Hearts' soundtrack.*

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