Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 6: Internship [Offline Blog for 11/10]

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Yeah, its already week 2 of my internship period of 12 weeks !

Still sleepy while doing works,
still slacking around,
still trying to find someone to chat with in MSN,
still sneak into Facebook to update status,
still checking comments on my blog,
still waiting for lunch hour and self-setted tea time...

Yen Yee found a very nice place for us to save our money: a RM 2 vegetarian restaurant. The RM 2 meal is simple: 3 vege + a bowl of white rice. Besides, there's also some other dishes like soup noodles, pan mee, chicken rice and curry noodles selling at the price RM 2 as well.

She also suggested that we save some money so we could have a big feast on Christmas Eve. I see that as a very good idea and signed myself up for the plan.

Nothing much to update today, unless you count "I've found that almost everyone in the office are slacking while working" is something new. Should I say this is the corperate culture of the company ?

Till next time...XOXO

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