Monday, October 18, 2010

I've Just Ruined My Life !!! [Offline Blog for 15/10]

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Just before I call it a day and start packing, I was asked to check my webmail and download the Word document and I'll be briefed shortly about the job. I was like "OMG, I must have been acting too relaxed till they're giving me something to do now".

When I opened the document, it’s a list of contact numbers.

"You'll need to call all the people here and ask them bla bla bla... (details are P&C here)", she came and briefed me.

"... ok."

The phone was pushed towards me and, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

After telling Yip Heng that I got to go, I brace myself and called the first number on the list. Strange enough is that, there's no people receiving the call ! Feeling weird, I called the extension number and the result is the same.

Then I moved to the second number, the same result was received. And the same thing goes to all of the numbers I've called. I started to think whether is the phone's problem and called my own cellphone to check it out, and sure it does, my phone wasnt ringing !!!

Then I'm not sure what to do anymore, but to continue on calling the numbers until I reached a number started with "214xxxxx"...

"Ring~ Ring~ Ring~" one of the phone in the office is ringing... and beside that phone, there's no one.

Then one of the seniors went to receive the call, and with shock, I heard the same "hello" that she spoke to that phone. I quickly hanged the call and heard she said "that guy hanged the call !"

"There's no one making a phone call, there's no one using a phone, and there's no one sitting beside that phone with extension 214..."

"Oh !" I said in shock, "I think that call was made by me..."

Everyone was like "oh, it was you huh ?" and made some soft laugh of relief after knowing the truth.

After that, finally I know the correct way to use the office phone, and successfully called a number just before I off. I passed the information I collected to the person in charge and called it a day. And hell yeah, I just ruined my Friday.

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