Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theme of Love

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Been addicted to one of the Final Fantasy IV's soundtrack lately, and the name is "Theme of Love". This is a piece that touches the hearts of many, and of course, it touches mine as well. I've found several versions on Youtube, and I'll post them all here.

1. Final Fantasy IV: DS version

2. Final Fantasy IV: DS Opening

3. 月の明り(Tsuki no Akari) - Ida Emi

4. 愛のテ-ム(Ai no temu) Orchestral version - Final Fantasy IV

Each and every version of the same piece of music are performed beautifully, especially the orchestral version. The thing I admire the most is the cello and flute.

I never knew there's a version with vocals until I found Tsuki no Akari... And if you asked me which one I prefer the most, of course the original piece from the DS.

Since I'm sooooo into this song, I've found some flute music score of the piece and translated it into the Chinese Orchestral version. I tried performing it myself on DiZi and it sounds perfect. Should practice more so I could sharpen my skills, since the song is quite tricky to perform in DiZi. Haha~

Will show the score I translated to the fellow DiZi gang peoples... after Internship ! Wakaka~ ciao

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