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Day 2 & 3: Seremban [Offline Blog for 1/10]

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Not sure whether I'll be able to upload any pictures here, but anyway, I'll still blog about my trip to Seremban and the fun stuffs that we did.

Yeah, went to Seremban and slept at YH's house. Never thought his parents will be that funny, helpful, caring and loving. Overnight at his house gives me some weird yet warmth feeling that I couldnt get back in my own house... is something that I missed for such a long time . . .

#Jusco sign... surrounded by trees.#

Never mind about that first, the next morning we both went to Jusco to meet up with Sensei and "My" Chelle. Finally I found a pharmacy to buy my allergic pills, but not sure whether it'll work on me though. Then we went to PD with "My" Chelle's dad. The first thing that the girls do was jump into the swimming pool; while YH and I went to the beach side and have some walk.

#Forgotten whose footprint it is already...#

#Took this on the surface of the water ...#

#The girls and the sunset.#

#Promoting my own blog. Hahaha~~#

#Jump people jump up high !!!#

#You jump I jump ? Hell No !!!#

#Ice-cream !!!#

Took some great pictures and then later joined by the girls. We had a great time playing sands on the beach with ice-creams and a great walk on the bridge leading to the almost-swarm-like area with junk foods.

#Oh crap, there're crabs there !!!#

#Yes master, do you need a towel ?#

#On the bridge.#

#Ah... the wondrous smell of the golden, crunchy, yummy, delicious Mamee... this is HEAVEN !# 

#Awaiting for ... ?#

#Looking forward to ... ?#

#Group photo !#

#This is the place we're staying at !#

Dinner time was fantastic as the food was delicious ! And while we're still energetic, we went to the playground and took some pictures and spend the whole night playing PS1 while the girls went into sleep.

#Did I mentioned that there's a mini library there too ? We paid it a visit just before we went for dinner.#

#We arrived at the restaurant and browsed the menu.#

#My food: forgotten what grilled fish chop, its quite delicious for me.#

#Sensei with her spaghetti.#

#"My" Chelle's mother chosen a chicken chop as her dinner...#

#...while herself chosen a normal fried rice.#

#YH's fried rice comes with a piece of fried chicken !#

#Sensei looking at a protrait of the founder of Port Dickson.#

#Group photo again !#

#At playground.#

#No parents, no playground for children !#

#Having fun in the mini car~#

Thought of watching the sunrise on the other day, but it turns out raining in the middle of the night till morning. The girls went for swimming again while YH and I played table tennis/ping pong.

#Sensei having a quick snack before burning some calories.#

#The morning view through our room's window.#

After lunch, Sensei and I call for a rest and we packed our stuffs ready to go home while those two fellows still so into playing table tennis.

We went for dinner with "My" Chelle's parents afterward and I was sent back to YH's house so that there's no need for me to rush back KL in the night. Showed his parents the pictures and videos that we took during the trip, and they're so happy to see that we're having fun.

And the next day afternoon, YH's mom fetches me to the KTM station and we waved goodbye. I guess this is the last moment that I'll be able to see any of my friends in Kampar again until next year. Soooooo gonna miss them, as we always did something crazy, fun and memorable together.

Internship gonna start soon, hope that everyone will be safe during the intern period and bring back precious experiences to share with. Good luck everyone and, see ya all again next semester !

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