Friday, October 29, 2010

This ... is Something Fun ! [Offline Blog for 28/10]

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7.00am: I heard my alarm rang... 7.20am: Get up and prepare to work.
8.00am: Walk to bus stop.
8.45am: Reached office, turn on the computer and start working.
12.00pm: Started to feel the hunger haunting me.

Then... my supervisor MSN-ed me that we'll be ordering Kenny Roger's and having our lunch at the office. I was sooo surprised and think that "wow, its gotta be fun to have lunch with all of them !".

I told the very-busy-typing-whatever-it-is Yen Yee about the lunch and we both made our order to my supervisor.

12.30-1.00pm: Orders were made...
1.30pm: Went out of office to complete the task given to me.
2.00pm: Went back office.
2.10pm: Yeah, delivery has arrived ! Helped to open the door and ... いただきます (itadakimasu) !!!

Its fun to have lunch with all of the company staffs (including the CEO too, though I'm not sharing the same table with her, yeah... its a HER). They all had their fun chatting, while me and Yen Yee and another intern sharing another table. Me and Yen Yee sometimes laugh on the jokes that they said, and this makes me think back of my fellow ex TE-4rians and the life in Kampar.

6.20pm: And today the sunset was so bright when Yen Yee fetching me back. It makes me think of Kampar again. Around this time, I'll be waiting for "My" Chelle, Sensei and perhaps Jarod, Harley, Freezie, Tweety, Scotty, yLeong and sorts for dinner... and we'll be chatting all the crazy stuffs and complaining to each other about the problem faced...


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